~12th Of Never~

"Our lifetime adventure rolls on"....



What do we say about ourselves.   Well,    I guess  wer'e on a 'Lifetime Adventure".

"Since I was a small puppy, animals had always been my trusted friends, and since seeing Born Free, knew that the Africa bush was the place for me."  (cheryl)

Married since 1975, long time to get to know some one,...  but fair to say, our best years together have been the last many years.   Not because it is fun to travel, ... a lot of  it  is hard work.... but..  we have both become passionate about the same thing,   (which truely does help)..     Our love for Africa.      Our love to go out bush, pitch a tent,  live along the wildlife  and help the local people.

Bob worked for 32 years in the oil and gas industry, the last 9 years as supervisor for Santos.   I personally had not worked for many years, but we did start to open our house to the public to sell photos & jewellery  to raise money for the Olemoncho maasai school and the Aitong and Lodwar hospitals we had been supporting over the years.  Neither of us has any medical background or training, but we did purchase and have medical equipment donated which we delivered to the hospitals in Kenya.  So now, each summer season, we continue to open our house to the public, offering coffee and scones,  exhibitions, and videos, travel advise as well as a gift shop full of items brought back from Africa.

Finally were able to retire early and make our dream come true. We bought our Landrover Defender tdi 130 traytop, put a Travelander camper on the back, and sent it all to Kenya in a container, ship in September 2013.                                     and hence the adventures began.!


The absolute hardest thing about taking off and travelling long term,  is leaving our own wonderful family.  Yep,  we have two incredible kids of our own,  of whom we are  enormously proud.  Suppose i shouldn't say kids anymore,  they are both 40 odd and have kids of their own!!     Our daughter Venessa and her 2 gorgeous girls live in South Aust.  about 5 min  from us,  while  Nathan & his wife Ina and their 2 beautiful boys, live in Queensland,  about a  3 hour   'flight'   from us.     When we all get together,  it is amazing,   a  time we all cherish.        I have learnt,  and continue to learn constantly from  our   kids,   don't  let it be said that they cant teach you anything.      I think our troop  are all amazing  and wish we could take them all with us  on  our  great  adventure.


 Over the past few years we have traveled in most of southern Africa, including Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and in East Africa we have traveled to Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. Our first trip in 1999 was by safari truck, but since then, hiring a car and driving our-self. It is quite the experience.     We'd recommend it to anyone,  and happy to discuss  the choices  with you if your contemplating going over there.   This year, was the first time we had taken our own car over there, but for the fact we were going to be there for a year or two, it was financially better to take our own car than to hire one there.

We have also been to many other countries, such as Russia (Moscow) Lithuania, Denmark, Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome & Pompeii) Spain, Morocco (Tangier, Fez, Marakesh, Rabat, Casablanca)  Iceland, U.K.  Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong,  China and now Egypt. In 2015 we have started our adventure spending 3 months driving cross the U.S.A. then heading to UK, Wales, Scotland, Greece and other parts of Europe we have not yet visited.   Many interesting places, but our heart is in Africa, where we go back to  basics,  live with the maasai and the enjoy the wildlife close by.