~12th Of Never~

"Our lifetime adventure rolls on"....



Dear Cheryl and Bob,

 How extremely kind and good of you to come like Father Christmas to the Trust yesterday – to donate not only that brand new Microscope, but also a Portable one for the Tsavo Mobile Vet, the Infra-Red spotlight and all the necklaces and earrings for our Shop Table, not to mention the handsome sum of $2,000 in cash.   What angels you are for the Elephant Cause!  We are all so deeply touched by your steadfast support and commitment, the sincerity of your caring and such amazing generosity.   Words fail me to express our thanks adequately, but please know that it is from the heart and deeply sincere.  Bless you both.   All the help that comes our way has been never more needed than now when the Elephants, and the natural world generally, is under such immense threat and pressure.   Every item that you have given us will be incredible useful – the Microscope to enhance our diagnostic capabilities here and a very valuable addition to our Blood Machine, the portable one will enhance the field work of our Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit, and the Infra-red Night Vision Spotlight an incredible tool for the anti-poaching initiatives, particularly for use during ambushes etc.  (It turns out that we don’t actually have the infra-red goggles needed, but will get them).   I am sure all the jewellery will sell well at the Public Viewing Shop table with Christmas round the corner and the cash donation will benefit the Orphans’ Project by way of helping to pay for milk, medical and Veterinary needs, supplements etc., etc.   We are enormously grateful for everything, so bless you, and  thank you, very, very much indeed.

 I hope you enjoy your travels around Africa.   Keep safe and keep well and we look forward to seeing much more of you whenever you happen to be in town.   It was a great pleasure to have you back, and we look forward to many more “popping ins” in the future.

 With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks from us all.


Dear Cheryl

 The jewelry is selling really well – thank you! We only have 11 pieces left, which I think is mainly the smaller necklaces and a couple of earrings so it would be fantastic to have more!

 Did you see your picture on our facebook page? There was also a link through to your blog so there might be a few more people following your trip!


 Jackie Somers   |  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust





                  RE: APPRECIATION LETTER

HC Bob, I hope this will get you well. I successes and reached Narok.

I want to sincerely thank you for the relationship you’re been having to our facility and to the entire community.

Thank you very much for the promises you’ve been giving us which have ever been timely on the donation you’ve been consolidation to Aitong Health Centre. We are now able to do dental filing using the dental machine you’ve bought to us through your faithful friends companies.

We are also able to screen mothers through ultra sound and detect any risk. We have also received several, assortment of forceps.

Thanks a million times for the power system you’ve up graded to the sufficient supply by buying batteries and solar panel to our facility.

This time round we want to thank OMRON who supplied us with ear thermometer and the BP machine. Health scope for supply Amorvellon ECG machine and P & J Steincechner for the drilling but we also want to appreciate for the biggest fridge of which we are now storing our vaccine, query accurate microscope and portables centrifuge. You’re supplied to us.  We want sincerely say that you have bought us to a level where we ought to be.

We also want to thank for the normal support you’re been giving to our client and upgrading them on buying very good flat screen television where our patient would be getting health education as they want to be attended

Yours sincerely

Michael Kilayo




"For the humble support they have given to the school's educational facilities since inception." 

TEXT MESSAGE  FROM  KENETI PRIMARY SCHOOL READS:  when they heard i was returning home for a few weeks for the birth of our granddaughter.

 "Staff and pupils Keneti primary school wish you a safe journey back home.

Your kindness and generosity forever in our hearts. god's blessings, thank you. " 

Ongeri, head teacher. 

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