~12th Of Never~

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Nashville, Kentucky, Washington & Pennsylvania

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Back on line…. In this update up will just touch on the places we have been.

Still in Memphis, we stopped at Lorraine Hotel, the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead on April 4th 1968. Next, we also stopped by the Blues Hall of Fame which was not far from Lorraine Hotel. This is certainly the old side of town, and to keep it looking that way, anyone...

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California dreamin'

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G’day everyone, here we are in good ol’ U.S. of A. Been here about 18 days now.

So, the long and short of it as brief as I can.

Landed on the west coast, at Los Angeles. Our motel was in a mostly Hispanic area, (bit of a bad area from what we hear, but we had no trouble), we did have a lovely Mexican plaza close by though. Well one night, we had a chopper going round in circles above our motel. Obviously looking for someone who was hiding in or around the back o...

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