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Posted on November 30, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Hello everyone, just a quick up-date to say Bob has finally ended his time at Bangladesh. I know it was sad for him to say good bye to all the good friends and people he met there, so we can only hope that we all stay in touch, and thankyou all for making him so welcome.

On the Kenyan scene. We have been disappointed of late to hear that the solar work we had done by our original solar team (Think solarTechinic) have let us down terribly. It explains why the batteries have not been lasting as long as they should.  Among other issues, seems they have put smaller panels than we asked for on Samsons house and the Aitong clinic plus hooked it up incorrectly. They are not owning up to this, so it looks like we have to just  get a reliable electrican out there to fix what Think Solar have done wrong. 

I hear the ultra sound is in use almost everyday, and has been a true blessing many times over.  I am also told they are just starting to use the dental equipment.

Samson, our teacher, has now gone off to University for his studies and exams. He has to do this while the schools are on holiday breaks.  Purity his wife went into labor with their 3rd child on the morning before he had to leave,  (being mon 26th nov), and up to date, (now 30th Nov.) she has not given birth. I am told she visited the doctor and am now told that she will have the baby in a week. (possibly being induced i would think).  Most maasai women have their babies at home, and Purity was planning on just that.  We hope all goes well for Purity and the baby comes naturally in a short time.

Cate, our Kikuya daughter has been home for the last 6 weeks, unable to do her work experience/ attachment.  She has been complaining of swollen legs and taking medication for kidney problems,  but on speaking with her last night, i learnt that she had a scan earlier this week, and it shows that she has quite a few kidney stones in her kidneys.  She has been told to take particular medication for the next 3 weeks then we will see what the outcome is.

Now completed her college studies, Suzy has continued to do her attachment at the tour office in Nairobi, which i believe at this point is going very well. She is hopeful of employment with this company. We can only hope that her wish comes to reality soon after christmas or early in the new year.

It was so sad to read the latest rescue from Sheldricks site. Poor Quanza lost her entire family to poachers. i am not too proud to say that i had tears rolling down my face as i read the plight of the elephant family.  Obviously we now have taken on our 4th elephant to foster.  Please go to sheldricks website to have a look and what is happening, but also to learn all the wonderful things that the organisation do.  http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

WHEEL CHAIRS DONATED: It shows that the editorials have been working, cause recently we received 2 wheel chairs from the NITCHKE family. It was very welcoming and thoughtful of the family to give these chairs to the hospitals in Kenya. At least they know they are going some where they will be TRUELY APPRECIATED.

Home here at Elephants Rest, i have been extremely busy of late.  I had my delivery of jewellery come from Africa, (which helps the women over there) plus, i get daily deliveries coming of the Elephant themed jewellery that i am selling in our African Garden Gallery.  I have advertised for the first time over the past couple of weeks, so it is just a matter of people knowing that we are here.  ALL  the profits from the sales of the jewellery, go to Sheldricks elephant sanctuary and also to help pay for the 20' container  of medical equipment we plan on taking to Kenya next year.

I actually gave a talk and photo presentation to our local Rotary Club on Tuesday night, showing them the highlights of what we have been doing in Kenya.

Well i guess that wraps it up for now,,.. the only other news is that i came across our first brown snake on this property the other day.... i am sure that will be the first of many.  

 So to ALL OF  YOU  out there, and especially our new memebers,  thank you for taking the time to show your interest,  and in case i dont get to update in the coming weeks.    I hope everyone can share warm & positive thoughts for Christmas and the new year.

MERRY  CHRISTMAS  EVERYONE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE  FROM  SAMSON  &  PURITY:  At this point, all we know that the baby was born early evening of Friday Nov 30.   no other news apart from that. 

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