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Here in Mombasa, coast of Kenya

Posted on September 27, 2013 at 4:50 AM

JAMBO  EVERYONE;     Well has been a busy but relaxing week for us.  After taking the very old train from Nairobi to Mombasa (the very same day of the terrorist attacks,  AND a couple of day later on it's return journey, the last carriage of our train did de-rail and turn over,... the driver who was telling us this, said it is not so unusual here,  it explains why we had to wait for a while when we were at the Nairobi end, cause the manager on the train said we had to wait to clear the tracks of a de-railed train... didnt take too long so never thought much of it, thinking we had heard it wrong.!!), Once in Mombasa we stayed 2 nights in a hotel  called Makwetu Resorts. It was a fairly nice place, nice garden and pool area, but because there is not many people around at the moment,  there was not much in the way of choice of menu. In fact, on the only night we stayed there for tea, the choice was: soup, sandwich  and fruit..... you might say we were a bit surprised.  Anyway, on the Friday night we went to Tamarin seafood restarant,.. that was lovey and had a great arabic feel in the structure of the building. The food was great and they even had a small band with a singer which really made our night...even though we were the only ones dancing.!!  Going to the restarant, our tuk-tuk ran out of petrol, and we had to wait while he got a container and ran to the depot not far away. At the end of the night, we went out to get our tuk-tuk, but he was no-where to be found... after ringing him, we found him i bed already, even though it was still only 10:15pm.  oh well, got a taxi.

Next day we took another taxi further up the coast to Royal Reserve resort, which is much nicer and fully stocked.  we have done some special things here, well special for us anyway. Bob and 2 other guys went DEEP SEA  FISHING on the Tuesday,  as much as they had fun etc, they were a little disappointed cause there was only 1 seat at the rear of the boat, so it was just pot-luck if you were in the seat when the fish actaully did bite. also, they were not able to hold the rods and catch for themselves, 6 rods were trawling on the side of the boat and when one of them caught something, that rod ws handed to who ever was in the chair at the time and all the other rods taken down.  Bob was not lucky enough to be in the chair when the 2 fish of the day were caught., but felt the excitement anyway and enjoyed going.      If you didnt want the fish, the captain would of taken them to sell at  the market and would of made another good deal for himself into his own pocket,  but we had been advisd about an childrens orphanage not far from the resort. so we kept one fish, had it cooked up for the 6 of us that night,  plus gave the rest to the staff,  then the other fish,  we donated to the orphanage.  We all went down there and had a look around the orphanage, (one of 3 that we are aware of in this area).....going on memory she looks after about 30 children, but cannot take in anymore because they dont have more beds. (beds which are 10,000ksh roughly $130- for a set of bunk beds with mattress' and pillows) Naturally bob thought this was a good way of helping out, as did Kerran & Janis our new friends, so they also donated a set of bunk beds.   Next day we went to the local markets and bought a supply of fruit and veg and a big bag of charcoal and also took that to the orphange as well.  We heard everyone enjoyed the fish emmensely,... not surprising when their main meals consist of beans and ugali (a thick maize meal porrige dough to fill you up). They have meat once a week.  So naturally, we enjoyed our time there meeting the people and learning about their lives.

Next day was VERY special for us, particularly me. We decided to try our hand at SCUBA DIVING. something niether of us had tried before.  I am totally out of my comfort zone when it comes to water,  so it is fair to say i was VERY  NERVOUS.   Determined not to let my nerves put me off,  on the 'Wednesday, we were taken to another resort where we had a half hour lesson in the pool before being taken in the boat to marine park.          I was  first to be dropped into the water,  then Bob, then Paul our instructor,  who made sure he only had the 2 of us for the day so he could keep a close eye on us...... in fact we held on to him the entire time.            In saying that,  it was truely wonderful and i am glad that i did it, (yes, dare i say i am proud of myself),  but i guess the best thing they do is give you a container of bread so you can feed the fish first,.. which takes the focus away from your breathing and relax with swarms of fish around you.   Paul took some great video of us with the fish, which i hope i can upload at some time... but right now at this place,  it takes forever to upload a photo, never mind a video.  but i am sure i will keep trying once i get to Mombasa town.                                                                 MY personal view of the scuba diving was that you get a very dry throat and i got sore jaw and throat, but i am also sure that was because i am not use to it and the more yo do it,  the more relaxed you get. so this might be just a first.!!

If you go down to the beach you undoubtedly come across the "beach operators' as they like to be called now.  They are not allowed up to the resorts but if you go near them they try to sell you anything from shells, carvings,  all types of safaris and even seafood dinners.  I like to chat to the locals and learning a bit more we opted to have a evening 'bbq' with them.  Our new friends Kerran and Janis joined us down on the beach and we had drinks first, then served a assortment of fish, lobster, prawns, salad etc.  One of them asked if we would like help getting the fish off the skeleton, so i said yes,.... it was a surprise to see him pick up the fish and peel off the meat with his fingers and put it on our plates.  Hey, i am not sure this will get him his place in a 5 star restarant the he wants, but, he was trying everything he knew to make it a good sevice.  Bob is paying for that service just slightly, and i am NOT talking about money!!!  so to finish off a few good days, yesterday we took up the constant offer of a massage.  so we both had a one hour massage in this tiny room where they could barely move around the 2 tables next to each other.  The 'oil' they used was lovely and warm,  and the massage was nice and deep,  then they had to wipe off the 'oils' with hot water cause it is quite thick, but we felt nice and soft afterwards.    Bob went for  a swim in the pool here while i took a few photos if him, then  we spent quite a lot of time talking to the guys in the bar..... it is really interesting when you take the time to chat with the locals.  We were showing them some of our phots and when it came to the photos of our family together, (the 6 of us)  he was quite shocked.  In their culture, you could not take a photo of him with his arm around his mother cause others would ask if that was his ,girlfriend'..... totally different cultures, but so interesting to talk to.

Today is our last full day at this resort, so tomorrow we head to Mombasa town where we will get a room at a cheap hotel as we wait for our car to arrive.  We have seen our clearing agent and hope it gets it all sorted out quickly and smoothly for us.  He will let us know when the car actually arrives, but it will be he, who goes to collect it initially,  as a pair of MUZUNGUs (white people) attract too much attention.                                                  So, let me try to upload a few happy snaps for you and hope  they dont take 2 hours to do so. so please remember to look in the PHOTO GALLERY  LINK  at top of page. oh yes, for those that have been asking,  my shoulder has been much better now thanks to the Krill and glucosamine that we take, but probably more so to the quarterzone injection i had in the shoulder a few days before leaving Oz.  The pain has gone, and i have even been able to tie a bow behind my back!!!! still not 100% but geez it's so much better.! Kwaheri for now.

try these links, hoping they will show our scuba adventures.

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1 Comment

Reply Gail
6:28 PM on September 27, 2013 
Great to hear your exploring greater depths. I can picture and understand your life. May not be as is but I think you know what I mean. Glad your having a "good" time with all the usual everyday African stuff thrown in. Same old here. all good. Enjoy. cheers