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Finally on safari

Posted on December 8, 2013 at 9:55 AM

Finally we got to go on Safari.....  Nakuru National park,  Nanyuki, (to look at Boran cattle studs),  Meru National park and finally back to Nairobi to organise a few things.  

Luckily i have managed to get a few photos on this time.  Nakuru National park was flooded when we got there, and the main road leading from the gate was under water, so i thought we may not get in... but,  we did manage to enjoy a couple of nights in the park,  and it was very different from when we saw it back in 1999.  We were lucky enough to also see a large leopard caught in a tree just as we were driving out... he was hemmed in by the large herd of buffalo below who would ;not  let him down.

At Nanyuki, we visited Ol Pejeta who have a stunning conservancy for wildlife there, but on this occassion, we were there to check out his Boran cattle, ... so we camped near his house, where you still hear the hyena and lion at night.  That was also the first time we had the need to put up the kitchen awning. As chef Bob was cooking tea, the rain started and it was all hands on deck to find the poles, ropes and see how the awning opened.  Easy-peasy once you know how, and we went on to enjoy our tea under cover. Joseph, who always travels with us,  found a place for his little tent in the almost empty hay shed.... which was fortuante seeing as though it rained so much.

Next stop was another cattle stud. The owners were not home at the time but told us to set up camp in a paddock. He also said that the cattle passes by that way to get to the dipping station which was scheduled for the next morning.  So, we thought while no-one was around, it was the perfect opportunity to try out our shower that is on the side of our camper..... hot water, privacy and everything else you needed.  Great.  I also  got into washing the clothes, but as the cattle came along,  some of them stole (drank) the water i had in my bucket, so we had to herd them along to keep them going in the right direction. (I must admit, i did enjoy herding fthe cows).  Naturally with no washlines,  i followed the maasai tradition and lay the clothes on the tall dense grass that was available.

Finally we moved on to Meru.  We stayed in town the first night and made our way to the park in the morning,... some 71kms from town.   As we drove through the mountains we were doubtful of staying at the park,  it was so foggy, we could barely see the cars in front of us.... but as we dropped down and got closer to the park, it was beautiful... and we enjoyed another 2 nights in the park.   We did not find any cats here, which was a disappointment, (we came here because this park is one of the main haunts of  Elsa the lioness from Born Free.   We did visit Elsa Kopjie, which is the large rocks she liked to use as her look out.... now there is a very up-market lodge there which is absolutley stunning.....  but at $1000-/night, it would want to be.

We met up with Paul Omau, an old friend /ranger we met last time when we stayed at George Adamsons camp in Kora.... now Paul is busy taking care of the rhino in Meru. 

On the way back to Nairobi we stopped in to see Cate & Suzy for a while.  Githurai has grown so much  and it was hard getting our car in there, but it was nice to catch up with our girls again. (although next time, we will let them come to our camp for a couple of nights.... will be much easier). Going from Githurai to Langata was a nightmare.... the traffic was horendous, and what should of taken an hour... took us nearly 3 hours.   We finally made it to Wildebeest campsite, where we have stayed before and we simply opted to drop into a tent for the night.  One of our reasons for staying here was to organise a few things on our car, which ended up being an overnight service, but the car is now going very well.  

One of the strange things that happened first of all was that very soon after greeting the dogs and cats, my eye had swollen and completley closed over. It was definetlfy an allergy... more than likely they had gone through some bushes and after me patting them, i touched my eyes.... and was very sorry for it very soon.!!!  i took 2 antihistamines  that night,  another the next morning,  

Categories: Kenya, & Living with the Maasai 2013

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