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Colarado, South Dakato, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico

Posted on May 18, 2015 at 8:50 PM

Yep,  sounds like a lot of travel, but some of these states were crossed within a day or two. I will try to give you the short, quick  version.

Thinking we were now finished with the snow, we were wrong, and driving out of south Dakato we found ourselves in a full blown blizzard. Not a lot of fun but we got there.  We did not spend long in Colarado and bypassed Denver all together. but,  we did find the site where Buffalo Bill is actually buried, and once again, of-course they have another museum here.  (have to admit tho, i did grow a great respect for this man). He chose to be buried here due to the fact he liked being able to see across 4 states from the top of the hill where is buried with his wife.

Next was Arches national park.  Some of those beautiful sandstone arches you see in the glossy brochures  are found here,  then as you drive further, you are entranced all the way along to Monument Valley, which is where you would reconise the stunning landscape found in John Wayne movies fighting the Navaho indians. Yes, THIS is Navaho country.

Onward, and we finally reach the last of the canyons, the grand daddy of them all. Grand Canyon Arizona.  It was disappointing that we had such a lousy day for it,  when it rained, it hailed. Not for long, but just dark clouds all day threatening to pour down. Actually, as we walked the south rim of the canyon, we did not go 'ooh- ahh' as we have with the rest. (maybe we have seen too many)... but.... in saying that,... yes it IS big and beautiful, but as you walked around the rim, it was all much the same, you did not have the same gasp when you turned a corner and found something new like we did at Bryce.  We did come to the conclusion that the best way to really appreciate this canyon, was to go down into it, either by 4 wheel drive tours, mule train, or by river, which would be very exciting. We didnt.

Onward, or rather, downward. Heading south, still in Arizona, we learnt that BB King died overnight. (just a bit of trivia there for you).. our next major site was Tombstone.  On the way,  we stopped at a hotel in Flagstaff WHICH my dear friends,  allowed us to travel on ROUTE 66  for all of a mile or 2 in town.  OMG, be still  my heart, we did it.  There,... for those people who say... "you just HAVE to travel route 66.... well we did, there ya go.!! 

So, back to my story.  Once again we started the day with 1 degree in the snow, & it rained nearly all day. Driving to Phoenix we saw lots of CACTUS  mainly on the hills with shrubs in between,.. not the sandy desert that we expect to see. Anyway, the town of Phoenix is a BIG big place, clean modern and lots of cloverleaf 6 lane traffic ways.  Tuscon is also a real big place, so we just kep pushing on, finding lots of 'border patrol car' scattered along the road way... when we were down close to the Arizona/mexico border,  there was even a high security building /prison??  with razor wire that almost seemed so thick  you would't dream of testing it, plus a guard with guard dog pacing the pavement  outside. Guess they dont take visitors often.

TOMBSTONE;  Ok, what or who is so damn famous about Tombstone.  WYATT EARP of course, with 2 of his brothers and good buddy DOC  HOLLIDAY.  Oh, you know.... the famous GUNFIGHT  at OK  CORRAL on Oct 26th, 1881.  Well actually,  we really liked this place,  it is a living history, with everyone in period dress, (and i don't mind hearing, "Mornin' Mam", with the tip of the hat)  Kind of rough, but a certain kind of charm in them old western cowboy days.!!   Even the shoot-out is re-enacted through-out the day, so you can learn how and why the fight was about, and how quickly it all happened. It takes place about 30 paces from the actual site.  Naturally, we just HAD to have our old time vintage photo taken, (never done that before) and i dont mind looking like a 'saloon gal' while Bob becomes a rifle toting law man.!!  (Oh my,... i'm all blushed and overcome).  Ok, so after a beer in one of the big saloons there, (with the saloon girls serving) we took the stagecoach which takes you on a tour of the historic sites in the area, after which, we drove up to BOOT HILL. Yes, it is there, AND,  it is the actual burial place where those 3 men where shot in the shoot-out....among many others of-course.  You are given a small brochure if you want it, which explains how, many of the people died there... well the ones they know about anyway. Tombstone is a  Interesting place.

Lastly, we say goodbye to Arizona and slide into NEW MEXICO.  Now we go from cactus on the hills to YUKKA's growing wildly.  Our biggest thrill was when we slowly drove through this tiny town and had a bird run fast in front of our car... it stopped on the small hill next to us so i took a pic, (as i do)... we both wondered... is it???    So, stopping in a small gallery there, we asked the people there,  oh yes she says,  that's a ROAD-RUNNER.  Wahoo, we finally saw one... now all we need is the coyote and the ACME  company.!!!    Actually she said they also have bobcat & bears here too,... could we be so lucky.?!

so, that is pretty much the story up to now.  We didnt spend long in New Mexico, we have gone through and now in Texas already,  El Paso to be exact, ... which is one HUGE sprawled out city that likes to show their 'Lone Star' logo.  We have only just got here today, so i will leave Texas til next time. 

Check out the pics in the photo gallery, i also added a few more to the last album as well. And for those who may not of noticed or who might be interested, i am writing a page giving useful info for those who are thinking about taking a trip to Africa... this is designed just as a few ideas to consider as a starting point. The page is titled : TIPS 4 your trip to Africa,.. it is a work still  in contruction,  but i will be updating it as i get the chance. in the  meantime, if you have any specific questions about Africa... or any of the travel we have done... feel free to email us. our12thofnever@hotmail.com        bye ya'l.

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