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Posted on September 2, 2015 at 7:40 AM

                Here we are back in Greece. The land of the Greek Gods!!!

  Our first part of the Greece adventure was held on Agean island. One of the smaller, and closer islands from the port of Pireas.  After spending half a day in the port town of Pireas, you soon realise that this is really not a holiday destination, so we booked 4 nights in the Kavos Bay Hotel on Agean island and had a very relaxing time there doing as little as possible.

Bob discovered he loved it here, especially enjoying the balmy night dinners on the shoreline of the mariner.     Our particular hotel was fairly secluded from the others,  up on the side of the hill, over looking the bay.  The staff was always happy to drive us down to the town when we wanted to go for dinner or something.   With back being as sore as it was since the wedding in Scotland,  i really appreciated the quiet time to rest and relax.  Bob also loved the swimming in our little bay, although the sandy beach was on the other side of the town, where many people always gathered in big groups.... so we liked our side of the bay.

We only spent the 4 or 5 days on the island then flew off to Kenya for 3 weeks,.... but now, we are back in Greece for a second time, but this time we staying in the city of Athens itself, which again, is greatly different to our little island. 


Here in Athens, it is a large city with a lots to see.  We took the sight seeing bus to hop on and offn and on our first day we visited the Acropolis and Panthenon.  Set high on  a hill, they overlook the entire city of Athens, lots of different quite a few different  ruins and temples to visit all around... so LOTS of walking.   It is easier to check out my photos rather than me describing them to you, so dont forget to check out the photo gallery!!

Oh yes, on our way back after seeing the temple of Zues etc,  we watched the changing of the guards at the memorial site of the Unknown Soldier.   What a unique performance the soldiers have to do when they march, or move.  Each and every step is slow, paused, raised, and almost dance like.... in a very slow way. I am TRYING to get the video onto my site, but having trouble, but if and when i manage to upload it, i will let you know to have look.

Because the soldier is not allowed to move a muscle, (inclucing even face muscles) while he is on duty,.. it was good to see, in this humid heat, that  the other soldier in charge of them, came out to wife their face, & neck with a wet towel, and also had to hold the cup to his mouth so that they could have a drink while on duty. The entire time he was taking a drink he continued to stare straight ahead as if in a twighlight zone.

One of the hardest things to get use to here, is NOT putting ANY paper into the toilets... yep, that's right... not even the loo paper  goes in the loo.... THAT .... ALL of that, goes into the rubbish bin provided.   And speaking of loos,... they dont have many,  public toilets  are far and few between, so you have to try to find a cafe that might have one.

About 5 blocks up the road from us is what we call the food square, so we walk up there each night.  There is a small spattering of actual restarants,  but mostly very casual cafes where they sell a lot of  yiros and things like that. This is very much a area for the young people, as we learnt last night.  The guys who owns the shop where we get our crepes etc says he closes at 5 am and it is usually busy right up til then.   When the shops are open it looks like aa normal shopping area,... but when they are closed and the security shields are pulled down, then, you see vast walls full of grafitti and grime.... looks so different at night time.

Bob went to the museum today by himself while i stayed back to catch up on my home work, (blog etc).  It was a very long walk, then train ride to the museum,  and as much as it was interesting.... as he said,  after a while, it all looks much the same.  There is a HUGE amount of history here.  Most of the things  were built well before 2 or 300 years before christ.. (BC).... and it does leave you in awe of what they did achieve... it must of been absolutely awesome in it's hey-day!!!

Well tomorrow we leave for London. We have 3 days there before we head home to Australia, so will cactch up with a final report after that.    Bye for now folks.

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