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Posted on July 31, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Good Morning listeners, This is B.C.K. welcoming you back to Radio K.B.C. on the air live to you currently in peaceful KAKADU.

In this episode we follow the Kovarskis krew as they take on…. THE DARWIN DASH.!!


Dash, dash,…. No bloody way, it’s time for a bit of chill out and more leisurely pace thank you very much. Not so much walking and different things to see. We are all ‘gorged’ out from seeing so many gorges.!!

The short version and main highlights, as I am sure you all appreciate, ….. we pulled into Katherine, quite a large town where we again visited the museum, (now that might sound boring, but these museums have been quite interesting cause they show things that we don’t have down our way, ~ this top end has quite a history when you look at it; particularly considering all the bombings and war it has endured.) Naturally we took the chance to have Devonshire tea there with a assertive black rooster who also liked sultana cake, and finally, in the afternoon it was a well deserved dip in the HOT SPRINGS. Actually it was quite a beautiful (and roomy) hot spring, with super clear water and lots of room for everyone It was also nice to have a visit from a ring neck Possum!! (the first of two we have had visit our camper) What wasn’t so nice was the allergic rash Bob came out in over night. It is the first time Bob has had a allergic reaction, and now better understands the overwhelming itch you have from the rash over your body. We did not find out what it was that caused it, … but…. As usual, I carry antihistamines for just that purpose, and he was eventually right as rain.


LITCHFIELD I am sure would be stunning if it wasn’t shrouded in smoke. There is a lot of burning off happening all over the country here, but Litchfield seem to have the most right at this minute and many of the roads to different falls were closed. We drove all the way to the other side of Litchfield, some 50kms or so to check out the bush camping there, but with all the smoke, humidity, and the large volume of tourists at the WANGI FALLS going for a swim, we decided not to stay and headed back to Banyan caravan park, just on the outside of the park,~ another one of those character type places which also offered a free sausage sizzle on the night we were there. The TERMITE MOUNDS in Litchfield were great to see,…. Yes, we see termite mounds every where, but these ones were very tall and special. There are actually 2 types of mounds here, Cathedrial which are the very tall ones, and the more unique MAGNETIC MOUNDS, and this is the ONLY PLACE in the WORLD they are found. The mounds are structured north-south facing so as to have the least amount of sun on them possible, keeping them even cooler. Who says even the smallest creatures are not clever!!!


Not far to travel and we arrived in DARWIN. Actually it is quite a lovely city…. As cities go. Here we finally got to meet Mandy, her daughter Lane (& partner Justin), part of the Kovarskis family we have not seen in many years, so it was wonderful to meet up again after all these years., pity the poor girl just had a operation on her leg and was a little sore at the time… but it did make her stay in one place and rest it.

We found a couple of markets to check out, one of them is known as the Mindil (sunset) beach market, it is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 til 9, perfect timing for the stunning sunsets you have over the beach.

Also we went on a sunset dinner cruise on the Cape Adieu for a couple of hours, not bad, but not a highlight as far as cruises go. Yet another museum, this time it was the AVIATION HERITAGE MUSEUM home of the B.52 BOMBER. One of the great highlights of being here in Darwin was that the RAAF was having one of their special training venues, and had jets from Malaysia and other parts of the world taking part, so we had fun watching the different fighter jets flying over head quite close, as the airport was not far away. In fact, one time, we sat at the end of the airstrip and took photos of the jets as they took off and landed. Awesome.!!

This was also the time we decided to give the car a good old service. Being in those dusty roads etc and done over 8000kms, we thought it would appreciate a new dose of oil and bit of lovin’.


Finally we went on to KAKADU, and I have to admit, of all the places we have visited so far on this trip,…. I have enjoyed this place the most. Not sure if it is because we have seen slightly more wildlife here, or we are going at a slower pace, or simply because it truly is more relaxing and back to nature,…. I don’t know, but I do know I have relaxed more in the last couple of days than anywhere else on this trip. (this of-course is a personal quote from me). On the way into the park we pulled into THE BARK HUT for lunch, a rustic place full of character. Loved it.


Here in Kakadu, we have visited JIM JIM FALLS which is at the end of a 50 kms dirt track and then a kilometre and half of decent climbing, clambering and bum scooting over big boulders again,~ we finally reached the falls, which were non-existent and dry at the time. Bugger. BUT…. There was a beautiful plunge pool and sandy beach at the bottom of the falls, (and not many people), and it looked SO INVITING. As you know, I rarely go in for a swim at these places, but on this occasion, I was SO hot and exhausted from the walk (in fact we almost gave up just 100 mts short of the fall),…. When I saw the beach, that was it, I was going in. Didn’t matter I didn’t have bathers, it was just rip off the boots and the jeans and in ya go. The greatest thing was ALL THE FISH that came right up to you, some of them even nibbled on my feet, there was hundreds of them, it was great. It was also a bonus that my t.shirt was wet and kept me cool for the long climb back again. This was also the place we found our first SNAKE up close. Seems Bob foot must have been too close for comfort and we saw a straw colour snake move away further into the bush. Just goes to prove yet again…. They will prefer to get away from you than bite you if they have half a chance.!!!!


From there we headed to TWIN FALLS, we knew we had to have 4WD to get there, and a snorkel on the car, but when we got to the river crossing, we saw it was .8 mts (800mm) deep. Now yes, we do have a snorkel, and yes it did look fun to cross, but, we also know we have a fridge in our back seat and lots of electrics on the floor, so there is a good chance that if they got wet, we could bugger up both our fridges and any other things connected, as well as the stuff in our side cabinets. So we sat there for ages trying to work out how far was safe for us to wade. Not having a tape measure on us, I realised that the A4 size booklet I had was 30cm, so used that as a guide to see how far the water would come up the side of our car. Bugger again, would have been way too high coming half way up our door and all our stuff could be damaged, so, we all agreed it was not worth the risk and we turned back rather disappointed.


Next day, it was on a YELLOW WATERS CRUISE BOAT for a gentle glide down the river and water ways for an hour an half. Needless to say this was far more relaxing than the climbing over rocks we had been doing, and it was great to see so many crocs in the water and on the banks, multitudes of different birds, huge Lilly pads and even…… water Buffalo. Yep, it was great to finally see some wildlife, and my camera finger was on the job, even getting a pic of a large Kite (the bird of prey type) landing on another one. Not sure if it was a quick mating, a dominant strike or a bad landing, but they sat there together afterwards. (I think the first thing was the most likely)

Next, it was off to see the ABORIGINE SHELTERS they lived in and some ROCK ART, actually there was quite a lot of art work, and, it was quite intricate. This was really a good place to visit, and me, for one, felt quite at peace and calm there. Just reinforced my relaxed feel I have being here in Kakadu.

Once again, seeing how Gail has to miss out on so much of the sites she has taken another flight OVER Kakadu. Will be interesting to see her photos in the next few days.

After a days of trying to catch the flying fox above us, we finally went to Cahill crossing today and saw the flying fox hanging up in the trees above me.  well,  I had to go into the bush and get eaten by mosquitoes, but for me, hey it was worth it!! and it was also worth it to go to Cahill crossing.   Gee we like Kakadu.


Well, that is the most up to date I can give you right now. The LATEST NEWS hot off the press is that we have now made the decision to take a SLIGHT DETOUR HOME. Instead of going back home via Alice Springs and Ayres Rock, we will now veer off near Tennant Creek and head across country to Mt. Isa, Long Reach, Emerald, and Rock Hampton, then follow the coast down to Brisbane where we will stop and visit Nathan Ina and Jye for a week before heading home. Gail will also be visiting her daughter too, so will leave us and take a flight to Ballina from Bundaberg or there-abouts.


Well friends and listeners from far afield…… time to edit some photos and put them in the photo gallery for you. Thanks for being along for the ride, I will let you know the updates from the next phase of the journey…..

THE 1000KM SLIGHT DETOUR…. Til then, this is B.C.K. (Bob, Cheryl Kovarskis) signing off from K.B.C (Kovarskis Broad Casting).

And remember friends….. You have just ONE LIFE folks. Make sure you LIVE IT best way you know how.!!

C.K. over and out.



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