GREECE GREECE the closest island to visit. Egina 199546312 relaxing on the courtyard at Kavos Bay hotel 199546301 our hotel on one side of the bay 199546346 lovely quiet setting over looking the bay 199546302 courtyard 199546344 the slow gentle rythm of the yachts and boats sailing past 199546305 the very best of company! 199546304 4 of them, just 5 weeks old. 199546303 199546308 199546310 199546135 our balcony off our room 199546306 199546307 the small town of Kavos Bay on Egina 199546336 lvoely beaches and swimming on this side of the bay 199546337 our hotel on the hill behind the boats 199546338 this one owned by an Australian couple we met 199546339 lovely dinner right on the marina, on a warm and balmy night 199546340 the town by night 199546341 a lovely family we met from Denmark 199546342 this parked out front below of our room 199546343 a very old style boat, dont know if it was old or not. 199546345 coming back into the main land 199546347 the mainland around the port in Pirias is not really a tourist destination, just a jump off point for the ferries to the islands. 199546348 Finally we reach Athens and take a sight seeing bus of the area. 199592303 One of the main ampitheatres which has now been renovated to take shows etc up at the Acropolis 199592304 199592305 199592306 199592307 199592308 The Panthenon is also undergoing much renovations trying to restore so it is not lost to time forever 199592311 199592313 199592309 at the top you can see the statue of a man and horse head 199592310 another ampitheatre not renovated 199592312 a mosqueor temple of some kind on the hills around 199592314 The Acropolis is in the heart of Athens City, so from, there, you can get a 360 degree view of the very large city of Athens 199592315 199592316 199592318 199592317 199592319 Renovated to some degree. One of the churches in Ancient Agros 199592320 Inside the church, there are still parts of painting on the wall and ceilings. 199592321 Changing of the guards at the memorial of the Soldier with no Name. First they are inspected to make sure the costume is neat and all in place 199592323 199592324 VERY strange way of marching. 199592325 199592326 It is so hot in those heavy costumes, that the soldier comes to wipe their face & neck with a cool towel and even has to put the cup to their lips, so they can take a drink. The guard is NOT to move a muscle, just continue to stare. 199592322 199593049 The Acropolis as seen from the city 199593050 Bob visited one of the local museums in our area. 199593048 inside the museum were carvings of all shapes and sizes. 199593051 199593052 Our last night in Athens, we had tea at our usual spot, but this time Bob had picked up the only bottle of wine he could find larger than a 300ml. THAT was a waste of time. 1lt 'plastic' bottle for the equivelant of $2-. YUK!!!! 200076261 our new friend and owner/manager of Crepe Xarchia came to our rescue with a couple of bottles of lovely wine. It was also great that he spent the rest of the night chatting with us. 200076262 We call him Illia, (i think that is his last night, but we remember that name from the days of Ilia Kuriakin in Man from Uncle. 200076263 Of-course there was more than just one, to make these beautiful crepes that we had for tea. Thanks guys, you will live long in our memories!!! 200076264