~12th Of Never~

"Our lifetime adventure rolls on"....

our ROUTE  for the lifetime adventure...


After a farewell party which includes sharing our daughters wedding,~ 2 days later, on the 9th Sept. we depart Aust. 

First we will fly to Nairobi, KENYA, then pick up our car from Mombasa port about a week or 2 later.

After delivering all the medical equipement to Lodwar Hospital and Aitong clinic, we will stay  with our Maasai family all of October and some of November,  before heading into  ETHIOPIA  for a few weeks exploration.

Back to KENYA for Christmas where we shall stay with our Kikuya family and share Cates wedding in January.

February will see us start our adventure proper by heading into UGANDA, part of which we have seen before.

Heading around the far side of Uganda, we will enter into TANZANIA on the west side of the Lake Victoria and slowly make our way around and down towards  MALAWI,  where we will enter from the top and work half way down until we reach the border into  ZAMBIA.    After exploring many parts of Zambia we will head into ZIMBABWE,  followed by  BOTSWANA,  NAMIBIA  and  SOUTH  AFRICA 

After spending christmas with family and friends in South Africa 2014, we can then make the desision to either go home, OR  make our way back up to Kenya where we might ship our car over to UK and explore Europe for a year or two............ THAT my friends....  can only be answered when the time comes..... stay tuned!!!!

 Update;  December 2014:  Our earlier plan to visit Ethiopia was squashed due to the fighting in the area near the border at the time, so we spent longer in Kenya.                           With a slight change in plans from the Australian side, we ended up getting into South Africa earlier than planned, in fact we had 'early xmas'  with the family in September 2014.  This allowed us to head home for xmas 2014 to be with our families, where Bob would finally get to  meet his 2nd grand-daughter, and then in January, we will be in Qld  for the birth of our 3rd grand-child.

Our new plans were now, that we will stay in Aust for 3 months before heading to America, securing some kind of car, and zig-zagging our way across America for 3 months before flying  to UK where we will travel to Wales, UK, parts of Europe and Greece and finally back to Scotland for a wedding.  During our time in here, we hope to take one last flight back to visit our friends in Kenya  for a couple of weeks before making our final flight home in October 2015.